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  • What does the term ‘Best boy/girl Grip’ stand for?
    It stands for the right-hand man or woman to the Key Grip. On bigger productions a best boy/girl grip may be more office based as they help run the logistical crewing of the team and organisation of equipment. We understand the best boy/girl Grip is arguably a more dated term, but it is commonly used on set.
  • What is a bazooka base?
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  • What is a ‘World cup’ adapter?
    A world cup adapter is a fitting that helps you attach a bowl mount to a euro mount. It’s name comes from its similar resemblance to the football world cup. It may also be known as a euro to bowl adapter or other slang terms.
  • How do you become a grip?
    Becoming a Grip can be a difficult journey. This section of the industry is notoriously insular but we are trying to change that. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to become a Grip if they’d like to. Grip departments in the United Kingdom are notably underrepresented in terms of both gender and different ethnic backgrounds. This is something that we want to change and believe should be openly discussed in the industry. If you are interested in becoming a Grip then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try our best to advise you on the initial step of becoming a trainee.
  • What is a Mitchell or Moy fitting?
    A Mitchell or Moy fitting is one of the most common fittings for Grip equipment in the United Kingdom and United States. Is has a flat base with a keyway that items such as camera heads and offsets can be attached to. When using these Mitchell or Moy fittings a 3-way or 4-way leveller may need to be utilised to level the head. In parts of Europe a bowl fitting is often more popular, bowl fittings can be unscrewed and levelled without using a 3-way or 4-way leveller but arguably not as secure for larger camera packages.
  • What are some examples of kit that you may offer for rental?
    A full kit list can be seen on our rental page but here’s a general overview of what we have to offer. We offer full Grip packages with optional additional based on a production’s needs. These packages nearly always include our camera sliders, apple boxes, camera dolly track, woodwork, rigging kits, vibration isolators, bazooka bases, rolling spiders, mitchell and euro adapters but also offer additional equipment such as our Mini-jibs, larger jibs, camera dollies and cranes. Check out our kit FAQ’s and rental pages for more kit related queries.
  • What is a rolling spider?
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  • What is a camera Rickshaw?
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  • Do you sell grip equipment?
    Kinetik don’t currently sell any grip equipment but it is something that we have planned for the future. If you are an engineer or Grip interested in manufacturing Grip equipment in the United Kingdom and would like to get in touch then please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • What is a remote head?
    A remote head is a camera head that can be controlled remotely. These are usually used on tracking vehicles, cranes and jibs and are sometimes and more often seen being used on dollies and rickshaws. At Kinetik we use the Ronin 2 gimbal as our remote head for our tracking vehicles and cranes.
  • What does the term ‘Key Grip’ stand for?
    The ‘Key Grip’ is the head of the grip department on set. The key grip usually works closely with the Director of Photography and the production team to ensure that the Grip department is both staffed and runs smoothly. Key grips will often be involved in the provision of equipment and crew for a production. Sometimes the key grip will play a key role on set, other times the key grip will leave this to their team as they organise the day to day running and staffing of a team.
  • What is a Euro or Boss (Bosk) fitting?
    The euro or boss fitting is a type of mount that can be seen commonly on set. It is usually the central mounting point on European central column style dollies and is often a system used on top of risers or pots that are used to raise the cameras height. When using Euro fittings an adapter must be used to then attach either a Mitchell or bowl head to the fitting. Most commonly a ‘world cup’ may be used for a bowl fitting and a 3-way or 4-way leveller may be used for Mitchell fittings.
  • What is a camera dolly?
    A camera dolly is a wheeled platform that a camera and operator can be mounted on. The dolly is then pushed or moved horizontally and can often jib vertically up and down. The dolly usually has the operator riding but also sometimes has a focus puller and operator riding. It is under the control of the key grip or the dolly Grip.
  • What does the term Grip stand for?
    In the United Kingdom the role of a Grip in film and television is a member of the on-set crew devoted to helping the director of photography achieve visual movement. This usually entails the control of heavier camera movements. These movements generally utilise larger pieces of equipment such as a camera dolly, camera crane or jib arm. The grip department is an independent department that is under the control of the director of photography and is dedicated to helping the director of photography achieve their visual goals for a project. In the United States and certain parts of Europe, a Grip is a more general term for members of the lighting and grip crew that are in control of heavier stands and support for both camera and lighting. The term ‘Dolly Grip’ may more appropriately describe the role of a regular ‘Grip’ in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.
  • How do your rental packages work?
    Our rental packages are tailor made to the suit the needs of you production, they will include the equipment needed and transport/van and delivery of any equipment. We always offer crew to come with our packages but are also open to dry rentals to appropriately assessed crew members.

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