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Movmax 3ft slider

Movmax 3ft slider

The movmax 3ft slider comes with a mitchell mount and 2 gitzo tripods. These can be attached through the drilled spiggotts seen at either end of the slider. 


The slider is  a mitchell mount and comes with a 360 multi-function, adapter to ensure the camera is firm and durable.

Double mode usage

Slider Mode - The unique ultra-precise surface processing technology allows the contact surface of the core components to be mirror-like, making the and feel smooth and lubricating. The main body of the slider is made of metals including bot limited to 7075 aviation aluminium, alloy/carburized alloy steel/copper processed by CNC

Bangi Mode - Through the 360 multi-function adapter, by using the 80 mm eoro mount adapter (female) and euro mount adapter (male), the users can directly and quickly attach the Movmax Slider to the supporting tripods, dollies and rigs to complete the slider to bangi mode switch.

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